Trump’s Lands In China For Talks With Xi Amid North Korea Tensions.

US President Donald Trump has landed in China for talks likely to be dominated by tensions over North Korea.

His arrival came after a speech to the South Korean parliament in which Mr Trump urged China to further isolate North Korea.

The White House sees China as pivotal in reining in the North’s nuclear aims but Beijing says it is doing enough.

Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a lavish welcome to Mr Trump in what has been called a “state visit-plus”.

Before his visit, Mr Trump piled praise on Mr Xi, saying he was looking forward to meeting the Chinese president after “his great political victory”.

Mr Xi recently consolidated his power at a Chinese Communist Party congress, a move analysts say will make him less likely to reach compromise with Mr Trump.

A red carpet, military band and flag-waving children met Mr Trump and his wife Melania when they arrived in Beijing.

Mr Trump and First Lady Melania Trump then visited the Forbidden City, for centuries the home of China’s emperors, followed by afternoon tea.

Chinese state media said Mr Trump showed Mr Xi a video of his granddaughter Arabella singing in Mandarin, with Mr Xi describing the recital as worthy of an “A+”.

The Trumps, along with Mr Xi and his wife, will dine inside the Forbidden City in what CNN says is an unprecedented honour for US president.

Catalonia Crisis: Spain Could Allow Vote On Independence,Says FM.

Catalonia Crisis: Spain Could Allow Vote On Independence,Says FM

Spain is considering constitutional changes that could allow its regions to hold referendums on independence in the future,the foreign minister says.

Alfonso Dastis says a nationwide vote on the issue could be held.

The move is in recognition of the events in Catalonia, where the regional government was deposed after the unilateral declaration of independence.

Protests have been held against the detention of the region’s ex-leaders.

Eight politicians are being held in an investigation by Madrid authorities into alleged rebellion and sedition linked to the declaration of independence that followed banned referendum.

“We’ve created a committee in parliament to explore the possibility of amending the constitution to be able to accommodate better the aspirations of some of the Catalan people,” Mr Dastis said.

The Spanish government imposed direct rule over Catalonia after its declaration of independence and announced new elections for 21 December.

In a speech to parliament, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called for a big turnout in the vote so that Spain could get over the crisis.

He said sacked Catalan President Carles Puigdemont did not have the power to unilaterally declare the region’s independence from Spain.

Catalonia Crisis: Spain Could Allow Vote On Independence,Says FM

“A regional leader cannot say the constitution doesn’t rule in his territory. A regional leader cannot invent a parallel legal framework.”

On Wednesday, protesters blocked all major roads and some railway stations across Catalonia against the detention of the separatist leaders. Minor scuffles were reported when police moved in to remove protesters.

Mr Puigdemont and four former advisers fled to Belgium after the Spanish government rejected the region’s independence referendum and imposed direct rule.

A Belgian investigating judge is yet to decide whether to execute an EU arrest warrant issued by a Spanish judge last week.Capsa online The sacked leader has been freed on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on 17 November.

He told parliament that the question over Mr Puigdemont was a “matter for the courts, not for the government”. hello

Kabul TV Station Shamshad Stormed By Gunmen

at least one person.

Three attackers stormed the Shamshad TV building after detonating explosives, police say.

A guard and one of the attackers are said to have been killed and a security operation is under way.

The exact number of casualties is not yet clear. So-called Islamic State said they were behind the attack,Tri7 in a statement made on its news outlet Amaq.

Shamshad TV quickly went off air after the attack began.

“Some of my colleagues were killed and injured. I managed to escape,” Hashmat Istankzai, a reporter for the Pashto-language channel.

Shamshad TV broadcasts a wide variety of programmes including news and current affairs in the Pashto language. It is one of the BBC’s partner stations.

Kabul has been targeted repeatedly in recent months by the Taliban and so-called Islamic State militants.

Afghanistan is one of the world’s most dangerous countries for journalists and media workers.

In May a BBC driver was among more than 150 people killed in a huge suicide bombing in the capital. Last year seven members of staff from the private Tolo television station were killed in a Taliban suicide bombing in Kabul.

Donald Trump Arrives In S Korea With Focus On Pyongyang

US President Donald Trump has landed in South Korea, with the North’s nuclear ambitions high on his agenda.

He flew in from Tokyo, after saying on Monday that Japan could shoot down Pyongyang’s missiles with US equipment.

Trade will also be a key focus for Mr Trump,sbobet mobile indonesia who wants fresh terms for the US-South Korea free trade agreement.

He is meeting President Moon Jae-in, US troops and local politicians. Mr Trump is currently on a five-nation tour of Asia, his first as president.

Prior to his departure for South Korea, Mr Trump tweeted that “massive military and energy orders” from Japan were happening, and also praised Mr Moon.


Though the US president will only spend about 24 hours in South Korea, it is perhaps the most symbolic stop in his Asian tour, says the BBC’s Robin Brant in Seoul.

The trip is designed to bolster the military alliance that has long protected South Korea, and strength in unity is the message they want to send to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just across the border

But the two leaders also have their differences. Mr Trump has previously accused Mr Moon’s government of trying to appease the North.

He has also previously criticised the free trade agreement between the US and South Korea, and has made clear he wants to re-negotiate its terms.

In Seoul, many are hoping that Mr Trump will not repeat his strong rhetoric against North Korea, or make any off-the-cuff remarks about “fire and fury”, which many here regard as unnecessary and incendiary.

Protests against Mr Trump, as well as counter-rallies welcoming him, have been held in Seoul and elsewhere.

Mr Trump will be going to China, Vietnam and the Philippines in the coming week.